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Best USA Online Casinos And USA Player Options

It’s no big secret that the UIGEA, a piece of US legislation that passed in September 2006, was able to single-handedly dismantle many online casinos. After all, many of these online casinos had players from the USA as their main stakeholders. But the banning of financial transactions in some parts of the country has put a lull in the business, thus, forcing many casinos to shut down. The real deal, however, was never made clear to these USA players. After all, the fact of the matter remains that they can still play online casinos, although some states allow this only to a certain degree. Many internet-based casino sites compare with online casinos allowing US players to those which do not.

USA Player Option One – Play online casino games for free.

If you are a USA player, you should be enlightened about what really is banned. Only the financial transactions done by US companies are considered illegal when it comes to online casinos and gambling. The option of still being able to play at a USA online casino without having to wager any amount is still open.

Practically speaking, you can still online as much as you want; however, you will only be able to do so without depositing any certain amount of money. You may still play your favorite games although you will get no money from your winnings in a slot game. However, many online casinos still give bonuses for free wins, especially in slot games.

USA Player Option Two: Transact your finances, but NOT with a USA company.

The UIGEA restriction only restricts USA companies from allowing USA players to transact their gambling deposits and withdrawals. Simply put, you can still play for money, provided that you have an offshore account that you can use for withdrawing and depositing your money. Remember that only USA companies are not allowed to process your financial transactions, but when you think of it, there are hundreds of other companies outside the US that can easily process your winnings.

USA Online Casinos Player Option Three: Some States still allow online gambling.

Only a few States restrict online gambling blatantly as most States still allow online gambling, but only to a certain extent. You must be aware of these States that have certain restrictions about online gambling, and these States are Wisconsin, Illinois, Nevada, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, South Dakota, Oregon, New York, Washington, and Indiana. The level of restriction of these states varies though.

If you notice, only 11 States restrict online gambling. In all the other States, gambling online is not restricted. So the UIGEA, after all, is not yet fully implemented, so there shouldn’t be any reason for commotion whatsoever.

How to find trusted, secure USA Online Casinos

The unfortunate consequences of the current environment are that without proper regulation it can be difficult to determine which online casinos are the best and which ones are known for shady practices. That is why it’s so very important for us to publish this page. Our goal is to help you find safe online casinos for US players. We will only list the best USA online casinos at