Terms and conditions

Responsible Gaming

8.1. Bonuscasino.ca offers a range of services to assist you if you feel that you are developing a dependency towards gambling. We have in place a series of measures, which will help you play in a safe environment. You understand that when you are playing games of chance that involve money, the outcome can never be sure. We have developed tools that will make your gaming experience safer. In order to use these tools you may either go to the ‘Play OK settings’ tab on your account and set the account limitations according to your needs or you must clearly state your preferences by contacting our customer support service . When setting the limitations on your account yourself, through the Play OK section on your account, any set limitations will take effect immediately. Should you make your request through our customer support, you will receive an email confirmation from our Customer Support Team within a few minutes of your gaming restriction request being activated. Should you not receive such notification, we kindly ask you to re-contact Customer Support immediately. This service is available to you on a 24-hour basis. We encourage you to consider these measures when playing on Bonuscasino.ca. As a registered account holder you may:

(i) Set a limit on the amount that you may wish to spend or on an amount you may wish to deposit within a specific period of time;
(ii) Exclude yourself from playing for a definite or an indefinite period of time.