What should be considered for real money casino bonus

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It is not the amount of the casino bonus that matters, but the conditions

Surely, 1000 € deposit or welcome casino bonus sounds like more than 50% bonus up to a maximum of 100 €. But how does it look, if the 1000 € bonus 50 to 60 times in the casino must be implemented, until then a maximum amount of 100 € can be paid out? And the 50% bonus is ready for a payout after just 20 uses up to a maximum of € 100? Nobody has to have a professorship in mathematics to see which bonus is really worthwhile!

Which games can be used with the casino bonus?

Well, your “secret roulette system” you will hardly be able to test with a casino bonus. For many casino games, roulette, poker, video poker and other table games are excluded from the bonus. If not then usually apply here even tougher bonus conditions. For the most part, these are slots where the casino bonus can be used. Choose the slot with the highest odds if possible!

Always abide by the bonus terms and conditions of the casino!

Always read (always!) The bonus terms and make sure you understand them so there are no nasty surprises in the payout. If necessary, ask the customer service! No matter which online casino it is – in case of violations of the bonus and / or casino provisions, the operators do not understand fun and will block your account. Otherwise, we are guaranteed to find you in any forum where you scold yourself and use our “favorite words” … you may guess at this point, by reading casino reviews.

Best Casino Bonus – Software and Payout Rate

It is also important to note which casino software you prefer. Not just your favorite games in terms of graphics and action. But also the payout rate and chances of winning are important. Furthermore, there are slots that are set so that they often pay smaller amounts. Other slots are again designed for high rollers, which win less often, but if it rings, then neat.

That’s why we listed below paypal casinos from different operators. These are mainly characterized by the fact that you offer interesting deposit bonuses. But not only in terms of the first deposit but also whether there are multi-level deposit bonuses that support the longer-term gaming pleasure. Of course, these casinos have been on the market for a long time and are absolutely trustworthy.

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