Online Roulette – Tips and Hints

There are an unlimited amount of strategies for online roulette available and used at an online casino these days. There are also a number of strategies for sale that guarantee instant success. While there really isn’t a clear cut strategy that can offer ultimate success, there are some tips that you can apply to improve your odds. These online roulette tips are especially helpful for beginners or people that are new to roulette strategy. These online roulette tips wont guarantee a win but will reduce your loses.

One of these tips is that beginners to online roulette should begin and stick to the European wheel while getting used to the game. With respect to the roulette wheel itself, the European wheel does not use the double zero, while the American wheel does. Many people don’t see this as a big difference and not a fact it will affect the game in any way. The truth is though, that this one extra number gives the online roulette house more than an extra 2.5 percent increased advantage.

While it doesn’t make a winnings in a positive way. So try and stick to the European wheel whenever possible. Another simple online roulette tip is to mix it up with your bets. A lot of players pick lucky numbers or a set strategy and stick with it for the entire duration of their online roulette game. It is best to target different areas of the table and vary with your bets. This way you can test out the table moiré without risking too much at one time. If you constantly stick to one area of the table, and you hit a rut, you risk losing quite a lot of money in a very steady stream.

Keeping Roulette a Fair Game

The roulette wheel must be accurately made and perfectly balanced in order to keep a game of roulette fair and completely random. Both online roulette and land-based roulette is supposed to be a game of pure chance and therefore everything must be down to ensure that it is kept this way. In the past, people have been known to beat the roulette wheel by watching how often each number comes up although they cannot do this in online roulette If one number comes up more often than the others then the wheel can have a bias.

A bias could be down to the wheel’s manufacture or down to general wear and tear in land-based roulette, as opposed to online roulette games. A bias can mean that the house advantage is lower on these numbers. In the mid-1800s, Joseph Jaggers realized that a roulette wheel in Casino Beaux- Arts in Monte Carlo was not balanced. Over several visits to the casino, he won over $325,000. Although, part of the way through these events the casino realized something was wrong and moved the roulette table. Jaggers then lost some money before realizing what had happened and finding the roulette table that he wanted to play at.

Today, roulette wheels are supposed to be perfectly balanced to avoid such a thing happening again. They are tested extensively by the manufacturer. It is also important to remember that casinos keep a close eye on their roulette wheels to look for bias. They will notice just as quickly as any alert gambler and will arrange for the wheel to be replaced. Online roulette wheels are basically a software programme.

There is also the possibility that the wheel could be disturbed during play to create a certain result. Many casinos have taken action to ensure that this does not happen by putting a clear plastic enclosure around the roulette wheel. Casinos will always try to ensure that these roulette wheels remain balanced. Online casinos do not have this problem, however, due to the lack of a physical wheel in online roulette. For a better idea of how an online roulette wheel works please go to the our games page.