Online casinos in Germany

Casinos in Germany

The first legal casino in Germany was opened in 1765 in Baden. At that time, casinos were similar to today for drinking, playing games and socializing. In modern Germany, the number of casinos rose to around 75, which is very high, considering the small size of the country. In fact, there are more casinos in Germany than in almost every other country in Europe, and has a place in the top 3 next to France and the United Kingdom.

The modern German casinos offer gambling halls, bars, restaurants, even night clubs and nightclubs to entertain the players. In this respect, they are not different from the Vegas casinos. Card games are extremely popular, as well as some board games, casino slots game machines and video poker. Many casinos in Germany require a low entry fee, enforce strict dress code, and have players sign a guarantee before they can start playing.

Online casinos in Germany

Although there are dozens of legal casinos across the country in Germany, it is currently illegal for these casinos or any other German companies to be online. Today there are no German online casinos that are hosted in Germany. The EU is very shocked by the ban and is fighting hard to change the law. It’s only a matter of time when it changes.

Until online gambling is allowed in Germany, Germans simply play on other sites hosted in other countries. The German government is trying to block foreign internet casinos, but the blockades are more like gambling, and players can still find sites to use. There are numerous online casinos that offer casino bonuses and other services in German even though they are hosted elsewhere. For players who speak English, finding sites to play online casino games is even easier, until laws change.

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