Gambling Games in Canada

Gaming Industry in Canada

The Development Activities of the Gaming Industry in Canada

The gaming industry in Canada has been increasingly growing over the years which can be attributed to the increasing number of market players in the industry today. This is primarily because the Canadian government supports gaming companies through tax incentives and tax subsidies. Because of this, more and more foreign owned companies have been entering Canada making the country prosper as well.

The Development of Canada’s Gaming Industry

According to ESAC Industry Survey of 2013, majority of the video gaming firms are actually engaged in developing games which comprises about 93% of the companies; 22% of the companies publish games; and 10% of them develop middle ware.

The Development Activities of the Gaming Industry in Canada
With the fast paced technology and the shifts of video gaming industries to mobile platforms, most companies in Canada are also becoming a part of the latter (without totally leaving the video gaming industry). According to the survey conducted by ESAC, 84% of these companies are now developing their products and making it available in mobile versions in various platforms such as the iOS, Android, Windows, or BlackBerry.

There are about 48% video gaming companies in Canada who are still looking to develop games for the consoles of PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, and others. Some of the companies are also geared towards the development of their games into online games that can be played in various social networking sites which include Facebook.

The Development Activities of the Gaming Industry in Canada

Various video games in different genres were also developed by Canadian companies over the years. With 73% of the firms developing action and adventure based games. Next to action and adventure games are the casual games that are developed by about 63% of the Canadian firms. Strategy and role-playing games which are trending among the teens are also developed by 48% of the companies. Family-oriented and puzzle games are developed by 46% and 41% companies respectively.

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